Eat up and Slim down this Summer!

As I began to write my fitness blog today, I realized that we are all about to go full speed ahead into summer! And with summer comes cookouts, camping, beach, and parties so we’ll be needing some great tasting, easy to prepare recipes for these occasions right..? Well here is one of my southern favorites from our family to yours. My wife Bethy was happy to share and you’ll be happy too; once you taste this amazing BBQ and Cole Slaw! Prepare them both and enjoy. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you… it’s perfect for low calorie diet folks looking for ways to stay lean for the summer. Tastes so amazing you’ll never believe it isn’t fattening. Eat up and slim down this summer with our great tasting BBQ and Slaw! Lee Brinn

Bethy’s Summer Slaw – Click for recipe

Bethy’s Bar-b-Que – Click for recipe


Eric Blackwell
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Eric Blackwell