Video Games for Charity

A dedicated group of video gaming enthusiasts will gather later this month for a speed-running marathon to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The event is called Summer Games Done Quick and will feature some of the web’s best-known speed-runners.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, speed-running is when a player gets through a video game as quickly as possible. This means a player has to practice like crazy and even means exploiting some game glitches to get through the game at surprising speeds. Several world records have been broken by these dedicated individuals.

These speed-runners are true entertainers. People from all over the world watch them stream video game runs to see if they will beat records. Runners make money from sponsored ads and viewer donations. During Summer Games Done Quick, all of the donations will go to Doctors Without Borders.

The marathon will also feature special prizes that viewers can give donations to win. They can also donate toward certain decisions, like donate to get to name characters or decide other game conditions. This is event is hosted by Speed Demos Archive, a website that regularly hosts speedruns. There are two speedrun gaming marathons each year, and in the past, they have been wildly successful. The viewer donations meet and even surpass goals set for the charity event.

The event will begin on June 22 and run live, non-stop until June 29.

If you are at all interested in video games, you will be amazed by how quickly these runners race through even the most challenging levels and crush the most frustrating bosses. The Summer Games Done Quick marathon will feature a wide array of games — everything from retro classics to new favorites.

This summer’s lineup includes Super Mario 3D World, Banjo-Tooie, Pikmin, Bioshock 2, Mega Man, Outlast, Warcraft 3, Risk of Rain, Yoshi’s Story, Halo: Combat Evolved, Portal 2, Final Fantasy VI, Donkey Kong Country and so many more great games. For some light entertainment, great gaming and a worthy cause, be sure to check out Speed Demos Archive’s Summer Games Done Quick 2014. It will stream live on Twitch TV and on the official Games Done Quick website.

Eric Blackwell
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